Jenn in Tuscany

Hi I’m Jenn – Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

Here I hope to share the latest adventures that my new found hobby and business–Brossie Belle–leads me through. It embraces all things vintage inspired and transforms events into unique experiences through vintage decor and custom prints. I hope you can find something you enjoy here, as this is always a work in process. Come back and visit!


What I really want to do here is tell stories, share lives and make memories–after all, our lives can only be as great as how well we remember them, right?!

After the planning of my own wedding, I became immersed in the wedding and event industry and learned a few things along the way. I had finally finished all the planning and searching around for those cute little details and accents–all of that time and energy spent on one day and now it was over. Why did I go through all that trouble? Well, I realized I really didn’t have to do any of it. It was obvious I enjoyed it and looked forward to the creating, styling, and designing – it was fun! (as crazy as that sounds).

I had really wanted my wedding to be memorable and fun, and loved the idea of incorporating vintage decor into our wedding. However, I found the process to be rather tricky and time consuming. Hunting down these one-of-a-kind finds before our wedding was not easy and a bit expensive! And thus, I was not able to incorporate as many of the vintage loves as I had hoped. (Our wedding still ended up beautiful, don’t get me wrong!) But because I enjoyed it so much, I still kept going to all the estate sales, antique and thrift stores around Kansas City and slowly built up a beautiful collection – that continues to grow – ready for the next bride or vintage enthusiast.

On the print side of things, I’ve always enjoyed art, layout and design – especially for printed pieces and materials. While attending the University of Kansas, I worked for the school’s newspaper for free designing ads and working in layout with my new found artistic appreciation. Since then I came to realize I can actually get paid for this, so no more working for free!

So here we are, at the realization of Brossie Belle. Here I can relive the excitement and create your own little stories and memories through all sorts of mediums, conveniently, economically and for fun! It’s been inspiring and challenging, and I look forward to learning and growing here every day. I must add that I’ve been fortunate to have the full support of my husband who accepts all of my little “Brossie” ideas, hobbies and adventures. He wears many hats, from delivery guy, to furniture-lifter, to Mr. Try-to-fix-it. Thanks hun!

Brossie Belle is Kansas City’s first vintage rental company! It’a about time! See my web site for more info: www.brossiebelle.com.


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