Vintage Trends, Themes & Ideas for 2014

Hello all, I hope your New Year is off to a great start! I’ve put together a little tableau of a few vintage decor themes for all of you. And I am beyond delighted to share these – so many great ideas that are undeniably charming. Aren’t these events getting to be so fascinating!? I’m even more inspired than ever and I’m certain many of these ideas will make their way into many of my 2014 Events. Not to mention, into some of my own  projects!

The Great Gatsby Wedding Event

My husband and I just got around to watching The Great Gatsby the other week…and it got me reeling thinking about how fabulous a Roaring Gatsby Wedding might be — enchanted rose gardens overtaking the grounds of a fabulous mansion, buffet tents bursting with crates of fresh fruit, chocolate covered cherries, divinity and truffles, with roasted leg of lamb and shrimp cocktail. All the while, the live orchestra band is playing on underneath a blanket of stars, where bobbed hair bridesmaids wearing jeweled headbands and dresses with shoestring straps twirl about, coveting martinis, mint juleps and champagne punch. What an experience! If only we could be millionaires for a day….sighhhh.

great gatsby wedding inspiration

“Native American Inspired” is nothing new in the fashion industry, but it’s popping up quite a lot in décor and I can really see it carving its way into more weddings and events. Even if you aren’t Native American, you can’t ignore the beauty in these geometric artistic, patters and shapes and the true meaning behind them. To Native American’s everything seen or unseen is considered to hold a spirit and it’s about honoring, loving, and respecting each other and our surroundings. Now how fitting is that for a wedding?

native american wedding inspiration - Brossie Belle

Embrace the sparkle! Decorate with gold and dare I say glitter?! Yes it is a bold move, but don’t be afraid. That’s why the handheld vacuum was invented, I’m sure of it. Gold is timeless and classic and has enchanted the human kind since its first unearthing.

Gold Glitter Wedding Inspiration - Brossie Belle

I’m really looking forward to all of your 2014 Events!!!


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