Fall Inventory Update {Part 1}

A big thank you to many of my September brides for this month’s inventory additions–I’ve been so busy this month trying to keep up with the rental bookings and Etsty store orders that I really haven’t found the time to stop by all the fun little estate sales and antique stores this summer–bummer! But that really hasn’t stopped me from growing the inventory as you can see . Here’s where my husband chimes in…

“Do we really need a sixth 100lb whiskey barrel? And what are people doing with rusty barn doors these days?”

One word honey—and that word is “Pinterest.”

My wedding was Pre-Pinterest. And I’m secretly thankful for that.

Anyway, what’s been fantastic I’ve come to find out — is all of these fabulous creations and finds have found their way to my doorstep! I’ve been acquiring a lot re-purposed, vintage and rustic items from my brides after the wedding–which does make my life (and theirs too) much easier…here they are in no particular order:

Extra Large Vintage Picture Frames:

Vintage Wedding Picture Frame - Brossie Belle

Inspiration: Confetti Day Dreams

Vintage Wedding Picture Frame

Banquet Lace Overlay

Banquet Tablecloth Lace Overlay - Brossie Belle

Inspiration: Bridal Musings

Banquet Lace Cloth Overlay

Hanging Glass Jars & Bottles (Minis)

Hanging glass Jars - wedding decor

Inspiration: Dawn E. Roscoe

Dawn E. Roscoe

Inspiration: Wedding Chicks

Hanging glass Jars - wedding decor

Vintage Glendora Lemon, Diatch Foods & Redman Apple Crates

Vintage Wedding Display - wood crate - Brossie Belle

Vintage Wedding Display - wood crates Brossie Belle


Inspiration: Intimate Weddings

Vintage Wedding Display - wood crates

Skinny Burlap Runners

Burlap Runner - Rustic Wedding Brossie Belle

Inspiration: Adventures in Dress Making

Burlap Runner - Rustic Wedding


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