Updates & Goodies for the inventory! Ah Finally!

I KNOW It’s taken me a while to get these up–but here are the latest lovely additions to the inventory! Some I’ve actually had since last fall but my “me-time” for the site has been sparse lately. More, much more to come in the spring–OH spring, and warmth how I’ve missed you!

Old Vintage Books – These lovely things were found after raiding my grandmother’s attic over the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve got about 6 sets of the twine and key bound, including a special Shakespeare set and 60+ or so of the very famous 1800’s Waverley Novels by Sir Walter Scott. (Probably my most favorite items of the collection). Use these as props or to add vintage touches to centerpieces.

Brossie Belle Vintage Waverley NovelsBrossie Belle Vintage Book stack brossie belle vintage shakespear books Brossie Belle Vintage Books

Antique Farmhouse Birdcages (large & small) – I have to admit, I did NOT find these used and I sort of “cheated” a bit — these cutsies were bought on sale from One Kings Lane. They were housed in a vintage category so that’s how I justified my purchase. They were so darling that I couldn’t pass them by! My thoughts for these would be to house gift cards, but candles look nice too!

Brossie Belle French Vintage Birdhouse Large Brossie Belle French Vintage Birdhouse Small

Twine Wrapped Cork Table Number Holders – These were obtained through a friend and former bride of mine. She and her husband made these from leftover wine corks! What a great idea!

Cork Table Number Holders

“The Garden” Small French Galvanized Watering Can – Again, another french antique find on One Kings Lane. Love pairing these watering cans with fresh cut flowers. They should be paying me for all these shout outs!

French Galvanized Small Garden Spout

Rustic Double-sided Standing Chalkboard – Perfect signage for welcoming and directing guests. Some have used it for Bar & Buffet menus.

Brossie Belle Wedding Chalkboard

Vintage Olive Oil Tin – This one’s very small (fyi), I’ve been seeing a lot of people use these in centerpieces as well. Too bad I only have one! I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of these come spring/summer.

Brossie Belle Wedding Chalkboard


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