DIY Holiday Snow Globes

I got the inspiration for these super cutsie holiday snow globes on Pinterest and thought I would give it a go. I’m not exactly the Pinterest-crafting mom yet, but here’s a start!


DSCF0796 copy

Clear pint mason jar or other similar kind

Frosted dollhouse christmas trees – Hobby Lobby or the Dollar Store

Mod Podge + applicator brush (Antique or Crackle Finish)

Crafting glue – I used “Tacky Glue”

Crystal Fine Glitter – Martha Stewart also makes a good brand, but I had “Wow!” on hand

Fake Snow “Twinkle Flakes” is the kind I used

Plain white paper towels

STEP 1: Apply Mod Podge to lid (Antique or Cracked finish)


STEP 2: Apply Glitter and set 1hr to dry

Mod Podge Glitter Snow Globe

STEP 3: Glue Paper Towel puff to inside of the mason jar lid

DSCF0803 copy

STEP 4: Glue Frosted Christmas trees to paper towel base

frosted christmas tree globe

STEP 5: Fill lid with fake snow (twinkle flakes)


STEP 6: Attach lid and roll jar slowly on its side to get flakes to disperse

snow globe mason jar brossie belle

And here’s the finished product

holiday snow globes brossie belle

Makes for cute decorations!

snow globe decor


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