Nursery on a budget

The nursery is finally complete! We’ve been getting inquiries about pictures so here they are. Much of our décor has been acquired second hand from vintage markets and antique stores around Kansas City (although obviously some items we had to purchase new). The final result is fairly close to our inspiration – but as you can see not everything you find second hand is exactly what you plan for! None-the-less, we love how it turned out. All we need now is our baby girl.

Baby Nursery Pale Yellow Blue Gray and White Nursery Reading corner - Futon Baby Nursery Animal Mobile Nursery Rocker with Baby lamb Baby Nursery Elephant Side Table and Vintage QuiltBaby Nursery Hanging Flower Poms Nursery White Changing TableNursery Reading Corner Bookshelf


5 thoughts on “Nursery on a budget

  1. Love the room! What a perfect place to share your love with your precious baby girl. This is where she will first begin to steal your hearts. Her precious face as she sleeps in her crib, rocking her and reading to her, her smiles, her laughter, finding her toes as you change her on the changing table……it all starts the moment you bring her in and show her the room, made special just for her with so much love from you and Blake.

  2. We want to thank you for the sweet thank you note. I hope that I might get to hold your sweet baby girl sometime.

  3. Jennifer and Blake, I love the bumper pad, ceiling light, drawer pull and I see a sweet lamb. It is a very pretty and relaxing room to bring your precious baby girl home to.

      • I am happy that you registered for it because, when my grandchildren were born, I always bought them a sweet little lamb. When I saw the one you chose, I couldn’t resist getting the to go along one for you just in case your baby girl like them.

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